Smartphone Popularity Increases

Smartphone Popularity Increases

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smart phone thumb Smartphone Popularity IncreasesSmartphones showed an increasing presence in the US mobile device market in October 2010, according to the latest Millennial Media Mobile MIX report.

Smartphones are 7 of Top 10 Monthly Mobile Devices

millenial top 30 mobile device oct2010 nov10.thumbnail Smartphone Popularity IncreasesLooking at October 2010 US marketshare figures for mobile devices, Millennial data shows smartphones occupying seven of the top 10 spots. This includes number one Apple iPhone (about 16% marketshare) and number two Blackberry Curve (about 8% marketshare).

In addition, smartphones constituted 20 of the top 30 mobile devices for the month. The list also included three connected devices (including number three Apple iPod Touch with about 7.5% marketshare). The highest-ranking feature phone out of the remaining seven devices on the list was number five Samsung Freedom (about 2%).

Smartphones Account for 6 in 10 Mobile Phone Impressions

millenial media device os mix oct2010 nov10.thumbnail Smartphone Popularity IncreasesSmartphone impression share increased 3% month-over-month and accounted for 61% of the mobile phone impression share in October. Millennial analysis indicates this increase demonstrates the continued rapid consumer adoption of smartphones.

Meanwhile, feature phone impression share increased 1% month-over-month and represented 28% of the smartphone, feature phone and connected device mix.

Android Ties iOS

Android is now tied with iOS as the largest smartphone OS on the Millennial network, with an 8% increase month-over-month and 37% impression share on the network.

For the first time, Symbian was featured in the Millennial smartphone OS mix and had a 2% impression share during October 2010.

Device Input Static, Carriers Diverse

millenial media device input mix and carrier mix oct2010 nov10.thumbnail Smartphone Popularity Increases

The device input mix remained relatively static month-over-month, with touchscreen and Touch & QWERTY devices making up 75% of the total impressions. Meanwhile, the carrier mix continued to demonstrate a growth in diversity of the mobile web with no carrier having more than 19% of the total impressions on the Millennial network.
millenial media top10 mobile apps oct2010 nov10.thumbnail Smartphone Popularity Increases
millenial media smart phone sales oct2010 nov10.thumbnail Smartphone Popularity Increases

Other Findings

  • Android requests grew 65% month-over-month. Since January 2010, Android has grown 2,182%.
  • Apple requests increased 12% month-over-month. Since January 2010, Apple has grown 32%.
  • RIM requests increased 43% month-over-month. Since January 2010, RIM has increased 243%.
  • iPad requests grew 112% month-over-month.

iPhone, Android Most Under Consideration

Data from a new IHL Group/Retail Connections study indicates 49% of mobile phone users are considering an iPhone for their next phone. The only other mobile phone platform approaching the iPhone in popularity was Android (40%). Blackberry followed at 22%. Only 8% of respondents are considering a Windows smartphone, meaning it has the same popularity as a standard cell phone. A tiny fraction of respondents (1%) are considering an HP/Palm-based smartphone.

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