Blogging For SEO

Blogging For SEO

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Here’s an interesting post from our sister site SEO BOSS on Blogging for SEO -

It’s no big secret that adding a blog to your web site can really improve your rankings on the major search engines, that’s because of the frequently updated content that good blogs provide. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t realise the potential of blogging in their communication strategy, and whilst the main point of blogging is to add the personal touch to your marketing, it can also be used as a promotional medium or to provide advice, talk about any subject you like, or provide customer service to your customers.

The main reason that you should add a blog is the impact it has on the search engines, in particular Google. When Google finds an active blog it tends to crawl it more frequently and often gives it a high ranking in the search query responses. The secret to getting Google to crawl your blog more often is to provide frequent updates, and I’m talking at least 5 times a week.

It’s this freshness and frequency of updates that Google likes to see in a blog, add to that, great original content that adds a new dimension to existing stories on the net and you have a winning formula.

There is no doubt that once your blog has been crawled and indexed and you are updating often, you’ll achieve a high ranking in the search engines, higher in fact that some web sites and you can use this to great effect with other pages on your site. You can select keywords or phrases that you want to rank highly for, write your post and in  most cases your story or blog will achieve a top 10 rank.

You still need to do the basics of SEO on your blog, optimise your titles and write your copy with those keywords that you want to rank highly for included, and post often. Original content is the king, not copied or borrowed from someone else but your own thoughts and ideas.

Don’t be nervous about blogging, it’s a lot of fun and it really does add a very effective marketing tool to your business.

If you’d like to know more about blogs and blogging for business then email me here at SEOBOSS and I’ll be very happy to provide you with all the information that you’ll need to get set up and blogging to your hearts content.

If you’d like to learn to blog, you can find additional information on the Business Blogging Program at Social media College.

 Blogging For SEO

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